Best Local Grocery Store

First Place:

Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market (Hall of Fame Winner)

4 N. Thompson St.

Second Place: Libbie Market
Third Place: Good Foods Grocery
Honorable Mention: The Market at 25th

You’d have to be awfully new to Richmond not to know that Ellwood Thompson’s is a community-focused, locally owned market selling local and organic food. According to owner Rick Hood, for over 30 years the store’s mission has been to feed the soul of the community while striving to be a haven where people can go to slow down, escape from the hustle and bustle and nourish the body and soul.

In addition to the many environmentally friendly local products Ellwood Thompson’s carries, it also offers fresh organic juice, house-made vegan food and gluten-free bakery items. Also appealing to our readers is the fact that the produce is 100% local or organic, with local defined as 100 miles from the store as the crow flies. “We believe that we’re more than a market,” Hood says. “Ellwood’s offers a community experience and an outlet for connecting and building relationships with your neighbors.”

In addition to working to build a better local food economy by supporting local farmers, growers and vendors, Ellwood’s has given back to local nonprofits while engaging with the community by offering live music, brunches, educational classes and workshops.

“We offer timely, attentive, upbeat service to our customers and make sure their needs are met,” Hood says. “Our customers are our neighbors, friends and family.”


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