Best Local Gift Shop

First place:

Mongrel (Hall of Fame Winner)

2924 W. Cary St.

Second place: Tweed
Third place: Lazy Daisy Gift Store
Honorable mention: World of Mirth

At a loss for what to get that certain someone in your life? Mongrel has you covered.

Since 1991, the Carytown card and gift store has saved many a relationship – romantic and otherwise – with its unconventional offerings. Mongrel’s wide range of cards lets you pick out the specific tone and expression you’re trying to convey, and its gift selection is a source of eternal amusement.

Where else can you get a pair of funny socks, a condolence card, a book on moustaches and an oven mitt that reads “I love my asshole kids”? A word to the wise: If you’re looking for a unique wall hanging, check out Mongrel’s selection of flat wrap that can double as a poster.

During the coronavirus, Mongrel is open at limited capacity Wednesday through Sunday, but all of its offerings are available for online purchase.


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