Best Local Doughnuts

First Place:

Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen

Second Place: Country Style Donuts
Third Place: Sugar Shack (Hall of Fame Winner)
Honorable Mention: Donuts Company

For the first time since its 2011 inception, Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen takes the well-deserved first place title of Best Local Doughnuts. Founders Jay and Judy Yoder first moved to Central Virginia to start a Mennonite community, and, while looking for a new source of income, landed on selling hot and fresh doughnuts at local farmers markets.

Today, this family-owned and operated business has garnered more than 37,000 followers on Facebook and over 9,000 on Instagram, building up a steady swarm of made-to-order sourdough doughnut fans who will follow the Mrs. Yoder’s truck from Henrico to Dinwiddie County and back.

In a 2012 interview, Mrs. Yoder told Style that the humble doughnut-making biz has helped her family learn how to work together. “In a little crammed trailer, every move you make you have to watch for the others. We’ve learned it’s not all easy, but it’s been good for our family,” she said.

The roving kitchen posts its weekly schedule on Facebook and Instagram and will let you know when it is sold out – which it often is. This may be due in part to a February 2021 Food & Wine article naming Mrs. Yoder’s the best doughnuts in the state of Virginia: “Managing to bridge the sometimes cavernous divide between old-style simplicity and modern standards, this is the rare new arrival that already feels like a classic.”


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