Best Local College Major to Party With

College: a time of independence, drinking in excess, sexual exploration and some studying when necessary. True, it’s widely portrayed as the peak of hedonism in a young person’s life, but few people realize that hanging with certain majors will fuel the fires of their carefree lifestyle. A recent local grad shared his story, staying up all hours and testing the limitations of his liver to discover which college major threw the best party.

Some majors had promising attributes: Philosophy students seem to have the best connections to mind-altering substances, and hanging around the political science students is always good for building up potential blackmail if any of them rises up the ranks in Washington. But the winners are the theater students.

Their eccentricities keep the party events insanely unpredictable. They stock up on alcohol from foreign lands and are happy to share them with you (who else, other than English majors, have a better reason to covet a private stash of absinthe?). They also seem to be the most open about sex, which proves to keep the night’s conversations interesting. Finally, other art majors will filter in whenever a theater party is taking place, so be prepared to be immersed in creative thought.

So if you ever find yourself amid the rolling hills of the University of Richmond or along a city sidewalk near Virginia Commonwealth University, and see a group of students, all half-naked and one wearing a plastic donkey head while reciting lines from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” simply pick up one of the bottles of Pernod scattered on the ground and join in the madness.


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