Best Lines to Use When Trying to Get a Table Without a Reservation at Heritage on a Friday Night at 7

“I’m a doctor, I swear. Just ask the School Board.”

“Karri Peifer follows me on Twitter, so, you know, I could make or break this dump with just a few taps of the keyboard.”

“I’m heir to the Hardywood brewing fortune — Landon Stanwick ‘Chip’ Hardywood the Fourth.”

“Don’t sass me, boy! I’m old Short Pump money, not like all these Fan nouveau riche.”

“I’m Peter Chang, yes, the Peter Chang.”

“I’m Richmond City Council President Charles Samuels, but my friends call me Chuck.” (Lift up Wayfarers, give a subtle wink and then deftly slide a 20-dollar bill into the palm of the maître d.)

“Trust me: You don’t want me to get the Rogue Gentlemen involved.”

1627 W. Main St.


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