Best Lawyer

First place:

Michael La Fratta

1701 W. Main St.

Second place: Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen

Third place: Marks & Harrison

Michael La Fratta grew up watching his uncle, John La Fratta, “fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves.”

“John has been my inspiration in a lot of ways, but perhaps most notably, he inspired me to attend law school,” he says.

Now an attorney himself, La Fratta practices more than half a dozen areas of law, including criminal, immigration, juvenile and restoration of rights.

“I enjoy litigation and conflict resolution, regardless of the subject matter of the case,” La Fratta says. “I do not favor one area of law over another, but instead, feel fortunate to have the opportunity to handle diverse cases and represent clients on an array of issues.”

La Fratta’s family has been in the Richmond area since the 1890s, so when he was accepted into the University of Richmond School of Law after getting his undergraduate degree in North Carolina, it was a no-brainer.

He’s represented clients in more than 1,300 cases since opening his practice in 2012, and he’s been named a top lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers, the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys and the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys.


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