Best latte in the West End

Whole Foods

11173 W. Broad St.

Say what you want about independent coffee shops versus chains, but the baristas at Whole Foods know how to make a lovely latte. The upscale grocery retailer, which is now owned by Amazon, has worked with Allegro Coffee for more than 20 years. Whole Foods specialty team leader Alice Larkin says the coffee company prioritizes the development of “sustainable, successful partnerships with farmers and communities,” and environmentally-conscious practices help support depleting rainforests and animal conservation.

Each latte served at the cafe in Whole Foods starts with Bel Canto espresso. The name means beautiful song, and the blend starts with a base layer of heavy, rich beans from the Americas, which is balanced out with the lighter, fruity beans from Ethiopia. Brewed and topped with a layer of delicately steamed milk, the Bel Canto espresso makes for a complex and consistently delicious latte.


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