Best Late-Night Dining

First place:

Sidewalk Café

2101 W. Main St.

Second place: Waffle House
Third place: J.R. Crickets RVA
Honorable mention: Galaxy Diner

What does it take to win our Best Late-Night dining category? Readers were clearly moved by this old-school Fan favorite, where you can score cheap pitchers and solid, late night greasy spoon fare (including nachos, pastas, Greek eats and sandwiches) all in generous portions.

Opened by a power couple in the local food scene, Johnny and Katrina Giavos, this is a place that can get noisy and chaotic, but it always feels like cozy neighborhood joint, where the dark wood walls seem to breathe the tales of past drunken nights. While many know it as a brunch institution in the Fan, its always been a reliable late-night hang for several generations of Richmonders – especially those who need to absorb some of that excess alcohol in their system with late-night grub. But by far the biggest news of late? The Sidewalk Cafe finally has a new sidewalk patio of outdoor tables.


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