Best Indoor or Outdoor Venue for Watching a Sports Event

First Place: The Diamond

Second Place: The Siegel Center

Third Place: UR’s Robins Center

For a stadium that a lot of people wish would go away, The Diamond clearly has loyal fans. Maybe that’s because of its convenient location, right off the Boulevard with easy access to interstates 95 and 64. Or maybe it’s the occasional fireworks displays that can be heard booming all over the city. Oh, who are we kidding? It’s the baseball, hot dogs and beer that brings ’em in — and the Richmond Flying Squirrels brand of shenanigans that keeps the entertainment level high. Virginia Commonwealth University’s Siegel Center has become one of the hottest college hoops arenas in the nation. The VCU Rams’ brassy pep band gets national coverage, tickets to big-season games become high-dollar items, and hollerin’ fans helped win the 2013 Naismith student section of the year award. Voters also liked adjacent attractions at the University of Richmond. The Robins Center is a 41-year-old building undergoing a major facelift to make it more modern, a little smaller and more intimate, dropping from 9,071 seats to 7,000 and adding video scoreboards. And for football, the Robins Stadium is pristine. The Rams may get the lion’s share of media hype, but the Spiders always manage to put forth entertaining games and strong teams.


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