Best-Grossing Concerts of 2011

“More and more, Richmond is becoming a major stopping point on the national tour of many top performers, including Broadway,” says Nicole Landry, director of sales and marketing with SMG Richmond. “And with the support these acts are getting in tickets sales … top grossing acts will continue to come.” That’s right, you pay it, they’ll come. But do you ever get curious about the numbers? Here are some of the year’s top single-grossing concerts at the Richmond Coliseum and Landmark Theatre, brought to you by SMG Richmond.

The Richmond Coliseum

American Idol: more than $400,000
Josh Groban: approximately $300,000
Katt Williams: approximately $225,000

The Landmark Theater

Neil Young: more than $330,000
James Taylor: approximately $275,000
Paul Simon: approximately $275,000


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