Best Greek Restaurant

Hall of Fame: Stella’s

First Place: The Crazy Greek

11500 Busy St., 379-894; 14640 Hancock Village St., 739-1405

Second Place: The Grapevine

Third Place: Zorba’s

In this town, Stella Dikos is the undisputed queen of Greek food. Her impossibly light moussaka and tender dolmades are the standards to which all must aspire. This third iteration of the restaurant fills up fast — reservations are a must. At the Crazy Greek, kitchen manager Peter Pergiotis was born into the family business. “In 1995 when my father took over the Crazy Greek from the Panos family, he’d been working in kitchens his whole life,” he says. “He and my uncle kept the powerhouses [on the menu] but added new specialties so they’d have a good mix to grow the business.” The family expects to open a West End location any day now. And like his father, he’s in it for the long haul. “I can’t see myself doing anything else.”


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