Best Gift Store

First Place: Mongrel

2924 W. Cary St.

Second Place: Tweed

Third Place: World of Mirth

Another Carytown favorite, Mongrel is a place where you can find all manner of creative gifts, as wide-ranging as greeting cards (of which its site offers a full catalogue), kitchenware and fancy pens. Mongrel’s selection is eclectic and never sits still for long, and that’s part of what keeps customers coming back, according to owner Stan McCulloch. “What we hear from our customers a lot is that every time they come in there’s always something new, and a lot of our customers have an intention to buy locally, so they like shopping at a local store,” he says. “A lot of people come here looking … [to] find something different.” Tweed, on Lauderdale Drive, offers a broad swath of accessories and stationery — for general gifts as well as occasions such as weddings, graduations and holidays. World of Mirth, also this year’s winner for best toy store, offers toys, games and novelties for all ages.


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