Best Gender Trend in Restaurants

Girl power. Forget about the glass ceiling, what about that damn kitchen ceiling? According to a recent Bloomberg News report, it’s less likely that a woman will be hired as a head chef than a chief executive. So for now we’re just happy that they’re represented in Richmond kitchens. Far from a complete list, consider this more of an amuse bouche dedicated to these kitchen stars along with the many unnamed women who keep kitchens humming along every day. A round of applause for more estrogen in the back of the house. Some of Richmond’s favorite females are:

Rusty Fallen at Aziza’s, Ida MaMusu Whall at Ma Musu’s, Velma Johnson at Mama J’s, Carly Herring at C’est le Vin, Virginia Rowland at Rowland, Sara Ayyash at Lemaire, Kate Koyiades at 821 Café, Winburn Carmack at Heritage, Stella Dikos at Stella’s, Jen Mindell at Postbellum, Brittanny Anderson at Metzger Bar and Butchery, Maria Oseguera at Maya Mexican Grill, Teresa Moreira at Don Pedro’s, Candice Crosby at Toast, Jenna Sneed at Fresca on Addison, Ellie Basch and Jannequin Bennett of Everyday Gourmet, Lilly Clem at Pasture, Shola Walker at WPA Bakery, Tammy Brawley at the Green Kitchen, Christine Wansleben at Mise en Place, Thuy Bui at the Roosevelt, Nicollette Killmon at Garnetts Cafe, Michelle Parrish at Secco, Kylie Gellatly at Ipanema Cafe, and many more.


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