Best Florist or Garden Shop

First Place:

Strange’s Florist

3313 Mechanicsville Pike
12111 W. Broad St.

Second Place: Coleman Brothers Flowers
Third Place: Strawberry Fields Flowers and Finds
Honorable Mention: Cross Creek Nursery & Landscaping

There’s a reason that Style’s readers voted Strange’s the Best Florist or Garden Shop in the city and it’s likely the same reason that it has been in business for over 85 years. According to human resources director and future fourth generation owner of Strange’s, Meg Gouldin: “We seek out new varieties of plants every season while keeping a balance of those beloved tried-and-true plants. Almost all of our plant material is grown and maintained by hand ensuring the ultimate care and best results.”

Aside from a wide variety of plant material, Strange’s also carries an inventory spanning fertilizers grass seed and garden decor items. With the events of the past year and a half changing everything, Gouldin has watched as a passion for gardening has been sparked and reinvigorated across the country. “With an increase in the number of new gardeners since the start of the pandemic, we’ve had the opportunity to go back to the basics and challenge the way we normally view gardening,” she says. “Practices such as vertical gardening with vegetables and aquaponic gardening have caught on again.”


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