Best Financial Planner

Jonathan Kennedy Jr., Endeavor Capital, LLC

3811 Westerre Parkway, Suite H

Second Place: Billy Mock, Morgan Keegan and Co.

Third Place: Jason King, Ameriprise Financial

It’s not about the money. It’s about what you want to do with it. That’s the philosophy of Jonathan Kennedy Jr., a third-generation financial planner who’s become a trusted adviser to Richmond’s business owners. Kennedy, 34, noticed that the city had plenty of financial firms; but “the insurance guys want you to buy insurance,” he says, “and the investment guys want you to buy investments.” He founded Endeavor Capital to offer candid guidance on both. He also helps clients create a “mission and vision statement” for their families that dovetails with their business goals. If you aren’t sure why you’re working so hard to make so much money, he says, “someone needs to help you do that.” Second-place winner Billy Mock III is vice president of investments at Morgan Keegan and Co. Third-place winner Jason King is an associate vice president with Ameriprise Financial.


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