Best Female Bartender

First Place: Becca Flaig

The Halligan Bar & Grill
2451 Old Brick Road

Second Place: Beth Dixon (Pasture)

Third Place: Tie: Kristen Walsh (Bandito’s Burrito Lounge) and Shari Schaefer (The Savory Grain)

If you think the Fan has all the best bartenders, you’re dead wrong. The Halligan Bar & Grill in Short Pump has a drink slinger who’s hotter than a five-alarm fire, but she’s pretty darn humble about being recognized for it. Becca Flaig is just three years into the business, but seemingly has the gig completely figured out. “Knowing cocktails is important, but that’s only half the recipe for being a solid bartender,” Flaig says. “Humor and being a great, patient listener go a long way with this job too.” She also notes that such basics as being a killer multitasker, communicator and team player are essential. “Bartending is about leaving a lasting impression,” she says. “You want the patron to be happier leaving the bar than when they entered. You want most of them to come back.” A tip for Halligan-goers: If you want to stay on this gal’s good side, forego the mojito. “Delicious little things, but a pain in the ass to make,” she says. “I’d also be OK if I never had to make a red Corona ever again.” Pasture’s Beth Dixon earns votes with her ever-present charm and savory cocktails, while Kristen Walsh and Shari Schaefer tie for third.


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