Best Dry Cleaners

First place:

Puritan Cleaners (Hall of Fame Winner)

Multiple locations

Second place: HandCraft Cleaners
Third place: Sandston Cleaners
Honorable mentions: Bellevue Dry Cleaners, Rambo Drive-Thru Cleaners

If cleanliness is indeed next to godliness, Puritan Cleaners has chosen the right name.

Though it has been in the business of starching shirts and getting rid of that ring around the collar for more than eight decades, Puritan has made technological strides that surpass its competitors. Instead of your standard pink slip, “see you after 5 p.m.” service, Puritan texts and emails you when your duds are ready to wear.

With 13 locations across Central Virginia, Puritan Cleaners is a large-scale operation that can handle everything from sprucing up your comforter to cleaning leather and shoes. Puritan cleans American flags free of charge, offers birthday discounts and its staff is so friendly, you’ll never feel bad about asking them to air out your dirty laundry.


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