Best Drag Performer

Michelle Livigne CuzImEdgy

Second Place: Miss Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside

Third Place: Sharon Husbands

This year’s dragging rights go to Richmond native Brandon Horton, 24, who’s been doing drag for six years under the name Michelle Livigne CuzimEdgy — because, as you may have guessed, she’s the edgy one. “I’m known for my [Lady] Gaga and wild wardrobe,” she says. “I’m the Go-Green Queen, I’ve created outfits out of phone books, magnolia leaves, trash bags and duct tape!” This MacGyver-esque spitfire is host of a weekly show at Babes of Carytown every Thursday called “Chicks and Waffles,” as well as a summer Sunday brunch at Richmond CenterStage the first and third Sundays of June, July and August. Soon she’ll be featured in Adam Barta and comedian Margaret Cho’s new music video, “See You Next Tuesday.” The one-and-only, whiskey-swillin’ bundle of joy, Miss Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside, can be seen at events around town as well as the Haus of Della Robia variety show every fourth Sunday at Babe’s. The scandalously named Sharon Husbands also performs in Haus.


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