Best Doughnuts

First Place: Sugar Shack Donuts

1001 N. Lombardy St., 278-5900; 1501 N. Parham Road, 288-1200; 1931 Huguenot Road, 728-1932

Second Place: Country Style Donuts

Third Place: Dunkin’ Donuts

Would you like a free doughnut? Then sing like Frank Sinatra, bring your garden gnome along or dress like a “Star Wars” character — Sugar Shack’s call for stunts like these have made Richmonders into doughnut junkies. And just thinking about flavors such as maple bacon, carrot cake and the unexpected combinations that employees come up with on the fly pushes our sugar coma into new territory. It’s no wonder that Sugar Shack Donut locations started proliferating rapidly since the shop started eight years ago — the latest will open in Hanover County in June.


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