Best Dog Park

Barker Field at Byrd Park

Second Place: Chimborazo Bark Park in Church Hill

Third Place: Rockwood Park

Sometimes, city dogs just need to run wild. That’s what they get to do at Barker Field, located toward the southern end of Byrd Park directly across from Maymont. Organized by the Friends of Barker Field, this large, off-leash dog park is fully fenced-in and includes bench swings and drinking water for when the pups are tuckered out. It’s a fun, friendly place for dogs to play with each other. Just remember to bring plastic bags. The Chimborazo Bark Park is located on the eastern lower terrace of Chimborazo and includes an area for large dogs and one for small dogs. The only county-owned site in Chesterfield County, the Ruff House Dog Park at Rockwood Park offers two kennels with wide areas, benches and water for both you and your dog to enjoy.


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