Best dive bar where everyone knows your face

The Bamboo Café

1 S. Mulberry St.

We love the Bamboo because it stays the same. Like, since 1974. This little Fan gem is a tried-and-true dive where you can chill with old farts, young farts, salty scooter enthusiasts, retired firemen, real alcoholics, wombats, West Virginia mothmen — the whole gamut of polite and not-so-polite society. Most likely you either know everyone or everyone looks vaguely familiar. The food is good, the conversation is loud, the music could be louder (what happened to cranking the Faces all the time?) Oh hey look, it’s Eddie and Chrissie behind the bar, we recognize them from sweet local bands over the years. Awww, and Eddie remembered that we drink the cheapest beer possible. Thanks, Eddie. Now we’re going to nod off for a minute from exhaustion, then talk about hairy carnival stars or other news of the weird with Mr. Lee at the bar. Stay gold, Bamboo.


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