Best Breakfast

First Place:

Moore Street Cafe

2904 W. Moore St.

Second Place: First Watch
Third Place: SB’s Lakeside Love Shack
Honorable Mention: Joe’s Inn (Hall of Fame Winner)

“We’re on a wait all the time now,” says Moore Street Cafe owner Charlie Hughes.

In 2020, Moore Street switched its focus onto to-go offerings, creating a special walk-up window and activating online ordering. Today the restaurant is filled with diners from just about the moment the doors open at 8 a.m. on Saturday. But a waiting list should not deter those looking for a Moore-Mosa and breakfast club.

Since the pandemic, the restaurant has added an outside, weekend bar – manned by smiling owner Amy Quidley – in the adjacent alley space, serving up the famed ‘mosas plus coffee, beer and other morning-friendly libations. Folks who don’t mind eating their most important meal of the day at a picnic table can access handy QR codes and pick up their food from the walk-up window, dining in this al fresco, first-come, first-served space.

Hughes says on a typical bustling morning weekend shift it’ll have five servers, one manager, three line cooks, one pancake cook, one dishwasher and one buser on the clock. It has kept their pandemic Sunday service, too, because it has proven so successful. Just don’t try Moore Street on a Tuesday: “We’re closed on Tuesdays – that’s our one day,” laughs Hughes. “We need one.”


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