Best Bowling Alley

First Place: Uptown Alley

6101 Brad McNeer Parkway, Midlothian

Second Place: AMF Sunset Lanes

Third Place: AMF Shrader Lanes

Americans have always loved bowling alleys. And Americans have always loved super-sizing things. So it makes sense that voters are going gaga over the area’s new bowling alley that takes this two-headed, big-fun concept to heart. Midlothian’s Uptown Alley features 57,000 square feet of entertainment that includes 38 bowling lanes, the Red Embers Bar & Grill, a sports theater, billiards, and more than 60 video and prize games — not to mention live entertainment at the Rotunda featuring local bands, acoustic nights and the like. But sometimes you just want to get to the heart of the game. Standbys for hardcore bowlers who want the closest pins available include winners AMF Sunset Lanes on Broad Street and AMF Shrader Lanes on Shrader Road near Parham Road. Just don’t forget the immortal words of the great Coen Brothers’ character, Walter Sobchak: “I don’t roll on Shabbos, Dude.”


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