Best Barbecue

Hall of Fame: Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue

First Place: Alamo BBQ

2202 Jefferson Ave.

Second Place: Q Barbeque

Third Place: Mission BBQ

When Commercial Cafe closed back in the 1990s, Richmond was bereft of decent barbecue. Fortunately, Buz Grossberg had a little stand out by Green Top Sporting Goods on Route 1 and was soon lured to the Boulevard to tantalize diners with smoke and tender pork. At Alamo BBQ, owner Christopher Davis secretly lived in a shed behind what’s now his restaurant while he was fixing up the place. He couldn’t afford to rent an apartment if he wanted to get the takeout spot on its feet. Revitalization hadn’t hit Church Hill in 2009 when Alamo opened, and this 2016 Top 40 Under 40 winner says, “People thought I was crazy.” Top-notch barbecue attracted customers from across the city, and along with neighborhood support, the place continues to thrive. Davis is contemplating expansion and plans to open a new restaurant, Frontier, in the fall.


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