Best Bar Food

First Place: Sidewalk Cafe

2101 W. Main St.

Second Place: Bellytimber Tavern

Third Place: F.W. Sullivan’s Fan Bar & Grille

Huge spicy wings, massive gyros and gargantuan fry plates served late make Sidewalk a place to stay, imbibe and play. It helps that the service is spot-on as well. Scene-knowledgeable bartenders and longtime servers know exactly what to suggest when one-too-many turns ravenous. Chicken quesadillas: Hello! Fellow service industry peeps often can be found propped up at the bar with a pitcher of beer, mimosas or both. At Bellytimber, big blue corn nachos are an excellent reason to partake. And the late-night pizza makes it one of the few places in the Fan to nosh after 11. F.W. Sullivan’s offers rotating food-night specials — including buckets of crab legs on Tuesdays and New York strip on Wednesdays. Enjoy your Sunday Funday on the patio with crispy fries and cold brews.


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