Best Bar, East End and Mechanicsville

Cullen’s Cove

233 Mechanicsville Turnpike

Second Place: Patrick Henry’s Pub & Grille

Third Place (Tie): The Roosevelt, O’Banks Cafe & Grill

Nightly live music, line dancing, karaoke, beer pong and pool tables have kept Cullen’s Cove on the tip of voters’ tongues. Unfortunately, the joint shut its doors in April much to the disappointment of devout patrons, so this will be a fond farewell. Nestled underground in Church Hill, Patrick Henry’s Pub & Grille is a snug mainstay that’s worth the smoky smell in your hair the next day. You clearly agree. Nearby neighbors over at the Roosevelt continue to dazzle with T. Leggett’s impeccable service and tasty libations — and the play list to your amazing experience never fails either, folks. And if you’re looking for a comfortable spot in Ashland, O’Banks Cafe & Grill offers you “great food, atmosphere and a family-friendly environment.”


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