Best Adult Novelty Store

First Place:

Taboo (Hall of Fame Winner)

Multiple locations

Second Place: Adam & Eve
Third Place: Priscilla McCall’s
Honorable Mention: Kiss & Make Up

Let’s be real, sex sells and Taboo has something– adult novelties, lingerie, massage oils, DVDs and a whole lot more – that’s bound to appeal to just about any adult.

Taboo sets itself apart from other lingerie and adult stores by offering a wide range of items geared to sexual enhancement, all of which were specifically chosen by owner Alison Miller to cater to all genders, sexualities and sexual preferences in the community.

“We have just about anything anyone could want and we’re constantly adding new styles and innovations to our selection,” Miller says. “Our team members are passionate about sex positivity and we care deeply for our customers and their comfort.”

And while some people may be a tad nervous entering Taboo for the first time, the staff, as well as the overall environment, tends to put customers at ease. Miller has found that building a customer base comes easily when you carry what people want and are sensitive to their needs by listening to customers and taking their satisfaction seriously.

Miller says that she’s always enjoyed retail, but the adult industry offers the added benefit of being able to satisfy customers on a truly intimate and important level: “I’m passionate about sex positivity, pride, and anti-slut shaming so I’m truly grateful to be able to help people feel more comfortable in their bodies and sexualities,” she says. “Plus, it’s fun!”

And while she doesn’t think Taboo has changed Richmond’s image any, she does think that Taboo has been an important presence in a city where there’s still so much stigma and shame around sexuality. Richmond, she says, is full of vibrant, sensual adults and Taboo aims to provide for them.


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