Best Adult Novelty Shop

First place:

Taboo (Hall of Fame Winner)

Multiple locations

Second place: Priscilla McCall’s
Third place: Adam & Eve
Honorable mention: World of Mirth

A love that dare not speak its name? That certainly isn’t Taboo.

Once again, Style readers voted Taboo as their adult novelty shop of choice, and it’s easy to see why. With three locations across Central Virginia, Taboo is Richmond’s favorite place for dildos, lube, lingerie and most any other sexual doodad that will give your bedroom sessions a makeover.

In recent years, Taboo owner Alison Miller has held occasional Dirty Talks where audiences are engaged in frank discussions of sexuality at the Broad, a co-working space for women.

During the pandemic, Taboo has reopened its Broad Street and Midlothian Turnpike locations and continues to offer local delivery on orders of $50 or more for a small fee. At a time when so many of life’s pleasures are hampered, at least you can have a little Love in the Time of Corona.


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