Benefit Tape release for “Home” and ICE out of RVA featuring Angelica Garcia, Tavishi and Dazeases at Sediment Arts

Saturday, Jan. 12

Ice out of RVA is a human rights and justice collective created as a response to deportations and abuses against the community. This show features music, film, drag performance, as well as a panel discussion comprised of organizers from ICE out of RVA, Ayanna Olgadez and Niko Leiva, who will hold a discussion after a screening of “Home” a short film made in response to the struggles faces by marginalized people in Richmond. The original soundtrack tape will be sold. Other performers include Hunting Dog and Tiffani Hunter-Monique from Richmond and House Fire from North Carolina. Food and drink will be available. 6 p.m. See Facebook page for details.


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