Friday, March 30, 2018

Broadway in Richmond Season for 2018-2019 Announced

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Today Jam Theatricals announced the line-up for the tenth Broadway in Richmond season in 2018-2019, which includes two premieres, a holiday show and the return of two blockbusters that have drawn crowds.

Season subscriptions are already on sale for the tenth Broadway season at Altria Theater. If you have any questions, you can call 804-592-3401.

Here are the Broadway In Richmond 2018 - 2019 season performance dates from the press release:

"Les Misérables": Oct. 23-28 ~ Altria Theater with 8 performances

"Rudolph": Nov. 23-25, 2018 ~ Altria Theater with 5 performances

"Wizard of Oz": Dec. 14-16, 2018 ~ Altria Theater with 5 performances

"Waitress": Feb. 12-17, 2019 ~ Altria Theater with 7 performances

"The Book Of Mormon": March 26-31, 2019 ~ Altria Theater with 8 performances

"Something Rotten!": May 17-19, 2019 ~ Altria Theater with 5 performances

Add – On Show

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas by Chip Davis: Nov. 28 ~ Altria Theater - one performance only

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Local Promoters Seeking To Compile RVA Band List

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Do you play in a local band? Do you want to play out more?

Then you might want to go here and provide relevant info so that local bookers can consider your band to open for regional and national acts at venues such as the Broadberry, Canal Club, Strange Matter, the Camel, Gallery5, Champion RVA, Capital Ale House and others.

Here's more from a FB post by booker Mark Osborne.

ALL LOCAL BANDS! .... THIS IS A COLLECTIVE LIST OF EVERYTHING THAT WILL SUBMIT YOU TO MANY VENUES AND SHOWS, NOT JUST ONE'S I AM INVOLVED IN!! It's no secret that basically all the independent promoters and venues in town have been working together trying to harbor an amazing and diverse musical landscape in RVA and getting all sorts of different scenes involved with one another. AND, we all must humbly thank you as 2018 thus far is the most healthy year for live music turnout, particularly for independent music. Strange Matter in conjunction with The Broadberry, The Camel, Richmond Music Hall at Capital Ale House, Champion Brewing Company and more are asking for your help to keep putting you on great shows with national and regional acts. We get bombarded with requests and keeping track of them all and trying to help everybody out is an insane task. Please fill out this short Google Form so that we can compile all your info in one place. From now on, we will be using this form (almost) exclusively, so even if you think we have your info, please take two minutes to fill this out NOW! This is for VIRGINIA bands only! Please share this and help us to help you get on the best shows....SPREAD DAT WORD!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Steely Dan Playing Richmond's Altria in October

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Those masters of slick '70s jazz-rock, Steely Dan will be performing at Altria Theater on Monday, Oct. 1. Tickets go on sale this Friday and range from $49 to $149.50.

Though co-founder Walter Becker passed last year, singer and keyboardist Donald Fagen is still leading the group.

Members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the band takes its name from a masturbation device in William Burroughs' novel, "Naked Lunch." For more info on tickets, go here.

So How Did Richmond Look on "Homeland" Episode Seven?

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Last night's "Homeland" episode number seven was called "Andante," and as far as this season goes, it was a kind of a yawner.

The episode played out like a slow dance between two spies, as Carrie (Claire Danes) and Dante (Morgan Spector) circled each other suspiciously before getting busy in his apartment. This was after a clearly stressed-out Carrie was forced to leave her sister's home to deal with her absent mommy issues. Apparently, it's really hard to be a CIA agent and stay-at-home mother.

There weren't as many establishing shots of Richmond in this episode, though the Virginia War Memorial was prominently featured and looked great during a scene where President Keane is handing out medals just after learning that her chief of staff wants to resign because he's been having a fling with a Russian agent. Awwww snap!

Trivia note: the actor Spector who plays Dante is married to the amazing British actress Rebecca Hall ("Christine"). Why is she not in this somehow?

Anyway, here are a few of the more prominent Richmond moments:







Thursday, March 22, 2018

Preview: Macon "McChicken" Mann at Vagabond, March 22

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For well over a year, Macon Mann has curated the Wednesday night jazz sessions at the downstairs Rabbit Hole lounge at Vagabond.

He’s played the club as a lyrical keyboard sideman, and had a shifting lineup play his well-crafted small group compositions. But he has never unleashed his psycho-poultry-rapper alter-ego "McChicken" in the space. Until now.

Thursday, March 22, he’s and has assembled a capable backing quintet to play the songs of his new mixtape, “Bung Bung Boolin.’” It’s fair to say that that title is both preview and fair warning of what to expect. The greasy, humorous, frenetic flow of McChicken is not for everyone, but, to fake-quote Abraham Lincoln, for the folks that like this kind of thing this is exactly the sort of thing they will like.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Video: Watch Natalie Prass Perform on "Conan" Last Night

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Silky smooth singer Natalie Prass made a strong impression while appearing last night on "Conan," with popular blog Stereogum noting today that "she looked like a star." And she was in heels, no less.

The Richmond-based Prass performs "Short Court Style" from her forthcoming sophomore album, "The Future and the Past," on ATO Records (dropping June 1). Check her little keys solo at about 2:15 mark, it's tight.

The album was recorded in Richmond with her friend and collaborator Matthew E. White at Spacebomb Studios. While she was widely praised for the lush orchestration of her debut album, this new one is said to tap more into new dance grooves reminiscent of '80s pop and '90s R&B.

We spoke with her in May of last year as she was working on the record.

As you can see in the video, Prass is proving that not only does she have serious musical skills, but also a memorable sense of style. You can catch her performing live this June 3 at the Broadberry.

This kind of has an Elvis Costello feel, no? The cover for her new album, which is due out June 1 on AKO Records.
  • This kind of has an Elvis Costello feel, no? The cover for her new album, which is due out June 1 on AKO Records.

Monday, March 19, 2018

So How Did Richmond Look on "Homeland" Last Night?

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Actress Claire Danes sits with a backdrop of Old City Hall at 1001 E. Broad St. in all its Victorian Gothic glory. Screenshot from last night's "Homeland" episode, "Species Jump."
  • Actress Claire Danes sits with a backdrop of Old City Hall at 1001 E. Broad St. in all its Victorian Gothic glory. Screenshot from last night's "Homeland" episode, "Species Jump."

Well, episode six from this season of "Homeland" is in the books. And finally we're getting into the nitty gritty of what this season is all about: surprise, surprise, it's the Russians and social media!

In a brief segment after the episode, a "Homeland" creator says they were told by Washington officials that their biggest concern right now is an all-out social media war currently being waged by Russian bots on the American public, sowing division right and left.

Now can you see? It's those damn Russians who are making us all crazy divided as a country. For another take on this, read Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone recently. What was that whole shock doctrine thing that Naomi Klein wrote about? Never let a good scandal, or national crises, go to waste.

But this isn't a political blog: We just want to show you some low-res screenshots of Richmond from the episode. Once again, there were many establishing shots in this episode that will make you go: "Hot damn, there goes my city!"












Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Video: Rapper Chevaux explores Church Hill gentrification on "'17 Visions"

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When Chad “Chevaux” Dawkins was 7, he remembers his grandparents telling him not to leave the block of his Church Hill home.

He and his friends would push the limits, inching closer and closer to the edge, but when they finally did step past the parental barrier, the worst case scenario happened.

“We saw a guy we all knew get shot right in front of us …. and it was never solved,” he says looking back. “Being young, I couldn’t understand it.”

Now the 25-year-old looks around the same Church Hill neighborhood, just a few blocks from where he grew up, and sees something different.

“The government, the city, people with money now,” he says. “They begin to pour money into [the area] but we’ve been here the whole time. Where was that money then?”

Dawkins explores the changing nature of Church Hill and much of Richmond in a memorable new song and video called “‘17 Visions.”

The video, shot in the same Church Hill park he used to play in and produced by local filmmaker Senon Davis, starts with rough stories of boastful drug dealers and hustlers with drop down cars. But then it shifts to the changing landscape with coffee shops and white kids calling him “brother” over a blunt.

Dawkins and his friends and family barely recognize their old neighborhood, but can’t help but appreciate the changes.

“It’s two sides of a coin,” he says. “That feeling of unfairness when you say ‘wow, no one was interested when it was just us.’ But at the same time, the few of us that were able to stay, we're seeing things improving.”

Dawkins is quick to stress its not a black and white issue: the money that’s since flowed in may have followed the white folks, but gentrification remains a real problem.

“Our parents, now they can’t afford to stay here 'cause of all the changes,” he says.

Dawkins explores other issues plaguing his peers as well including the lack of education opportunities for folks like him - young, brown and male - versus his female peers. He points to studies showing black men continue to fall behind when it comes to going to college let alone earning degrees.

“These women are outclassing us and asking ‘what are you doing? You wanna be a rapper, a basketball player, but what about real life?’” he says. “Taking care of yourself and your family, the things that matter.”

A nursing student at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Dawkins is following his own advice and taking steps to have an answer for that inevitable question when he tells a prospective mate “I’m a rapper.”

“That's what women look at and choose what they give their time to,” he says. “I appreciate that and take it into account.”

“You can still chase your dreams," he adds. "But you need to live in the real world."

Still, Dawkins is hard at work on music these days, though it's only his first year taking it seriously. With over a dozen tracks on his soundcloud, he’s hoping to drop his first record by the time summer rolls around. He’s working with local producers Rezon da dawn and Uno Itsumademo, and getting vocal help from Amber Jones and Latifa White.

As for the subject matter and the positive outlook on “Vision 17,” he’s excited to see it get the attention it's already garnered.

“It feels good that I don’t have to change my message or my voice to make noise,” he says. “I’m just trying to do what's natural to me and hope for the best.”

Keep up with Dawkins aka Chevaux on soundcloud here.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Pick: Trey Sorrells Pays Tribute to Joe Henderson at Capital Ale House, March 13

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Trey Sorrells plays tribute to late saxophonist Joe Henderson at the monthly Richmond Jazz Society Guest Educator series on Tuesday night at the Capital Ale House downtown.

Although never quite a household name like John Coltrane or Sonny Rollins, Henderson was one of the most important players of the '60s heyday of Blue Note records, either leading or appearing on dozens of sessions. He stayed active in the '70s and '80s.

Given that he had a late-career renaissance in the '90s with a series of high concept tributes, it fits for someone to return the favor. With previous experience assembling homages to Prince, Michael Jackson, and even “Jay Z vs. Kanye,” VCU graduate Sorrells is a great choice for this event.

He has assembled a capable, youthful band, including Future Prospect bandmates drummer Cleandre Foster, bassist Brandon Lane, and guitarist Morgan Burrs (also with Butcher Brown) along with increasingly prominent keyboard player, Calvin Brown.

Even for people who think they don’t know Henderson’s work, the songs will be surprisingly familiar.

Trey Sorrells performs on Tuesday, March 13th at 7 p.m. at Capital Ale's Downtown Music Hall. $20

Prominent Richmond Moments from Homeland Episode Five

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Mandy Patinkin stands overlooking the James River by Pony Pasture, though he's supposed to be in Hoback, Wyoming.
  • Mandy Patinkin stands overlooking the James River by Pony Pasture, though he's supposed to be in Hoback, Wyoming.

Did anyone see “Homeland” episode five on Showtime last night? Richmond was everywhere, people, as it has been since the first episode.

So far season seven is the show’s best in years, thanks in part to the writers’ return to the original, slow-burning procedural formula of the espionage thriller, as well as a focus on domestic terrorism issues that feels timely. Also we’re thankful that main character Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes, isn’t having crying jags every episode. Instead, she’s back to her badass ways, popping anti-psychotic pills and beating pervs with batons (not a lot of canned jazz music, though).

Richmond really feels like a character, even though its often standing in for DC: In terms of exposure, we can’t think of any other movies or television shows created here that have featured as many familiar RVA locations – and we’re not even half way through yet. They’re even talking about Richmond on the show.

During last night’s show, a memorial for local militants killed in a standoff with FBI is held at St. Paul’s in Richmond, with a rally to be held afterward at the state capitol. Actor and RPG drummer Mike Marunde has a line in the memorial scene, where he says “Hey, nobody wants you here” to the wife of a slain FBI agent.

Just before that, there’s a beautiful riverside walk with Pony Pasture standing in for Hoback, Wyoming. Hm. And we won’t even go into all the Fan locations.

Check out a few screen grabs from last night’s show:

Local actor and musician Mike Marunde (beard) shouts down a mourner in "Homeland."
  • Local actor and musician Mike Marunde (beard) shouts down a mourner in "Homeland."
  • Re: Interview: Legendary Saxman Maceo Parker Says It's All About The Love

    • Maceo has another history here in Richmond. In the 70s when Alpha Recording Studios was…

    • on June 2, 2019
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