Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sun Ra Arkestra and Grandmaster Flash to Play Folk Fest

Musical pioneers among this year's lineup from Oct. 9 to Oct. 11.

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The current touring iteration of Sun Ra Arkestra, minus the man himself of course, will be performing at this year's Richmond Folk Fest on the weekend of Oct. 9 through 11.
  • The current touring iteration of Sun Ra Arkestra, minus the man himself of course, will be performing at this year's Richmond Folk Fest on the weekend of Oct. 9 through 11.

A pioneer of hip hop, Grandmaster Flash, and the outer limits spacey free-jazz of the Sun Ra Arkestra are among the highlights for this year's Richmond Folk Festival on the weekend of Oct. 9 - 11. The Times Dispatch ran a list of the last round of performers in Sunday's paper.

Check out how Sun Ra's favorite band sounds today in this clip from NPR:

Some other genres include klezmer music, Dominican bachata, Ethiojazz (the Fedeel Band of DC), Sufi devotional, Georgian polyphonic chants, and the bluesy gospel of the Rev. John Wilkins.

Also on the bill is the low-voiced rockabilly/country act Sleepy Labeef (who I saw once in a bar in Chico, Ca. about 15 years ago-- he was fun).

We'll have more in detail on some of the highlights as we get closer to Richmond's most popular music festival. But for now, just wanted to celebrate the fact that Sun Ra's music will be played by the rivah. It's been awhile since the man himself played at VMFA.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fund for Slain Reporter Honors Richmond Ballet

Piedmont Arts to fund performances in Alison Parker's hometown of Martinsville.

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Barbara Parker (left) with her daughter Alison Bailey Parker.
  • Barbara Parker (left) with her daughter Alison Bailey Parker.

Roanoke reporter Alison Bailey Parker loved the Richmond Ballet. And now the non-profit Piedmont Arts in Martinsville has established a fund to support Piedmont Arts On Stage performances by the Richmond Ballet.

"[Alison] was a student in our Martinsville Minds In Motion (MIM) program for five years, beginning in 2000, and represented its spirit and energy beautifully as a performer in Team XXL," said Richmond Ballet public relations manager Kate Crowder in a release. "Our hearts and prayers go out to the Parker family after the loss of their daughter and to the Martinsville community that was home to our MIM program for a number of years."

She added that "Richmond Ballet is deeply touched that, in this time of grief, the Parker family has chosen to cite Alison’s love of dance and respect for Richmond Ballet in a memorial fund designed to continue to bring the Richmond Ballet to Martinsville. Please join us in celebrating Alison’s memory through dance, an uplifting and powerful art form that reminds us of the very best within the human soul – its capacity for good."

In a separate press release, Parker's mother, Piedmont Arts Director of Programs Barbara Parker, said: “Alison loved the ballet and she had a great deal of respect for the Richmond Ballet.”

“The Alison Bailey Parker Memorial Fund is a way to honor Alison by bringing high-quality performances by Richmond Ballet to our community for years to come,” said Executive Director Kathy Rogers. “Through this fund, Piedmont Arts hopes to impart Alison’s love of dance and the performing arts to new generations."

To give to the Alison Bailey Parker Memorial Fund, visit PiedmontArts.org or call 276.632.3221.

Some info on Piedmont Arts: "Piedmont Arts is a nonprofit art museum in Martinsville, Virginia that inspires and engages the diverse Martinsville-Henry County community and surrounding areas through visual arts, performing arts and arts education. Piedmont Arts is a statewide partner of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. Piedmont Arts programming is partially supported by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts."

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday Night Lights

No, not football. But we do have a crazy good guitarist and a weird, cult astrology film.

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Virginia native Daniel Bachman is a beautifully expressive guitarist who juggles a number of styles and genres. He plays the Black Iris Gallery's Tiny Bar series this Friday night.
  • Virginia native Daniel Bachman is a beautifully expressive guitarist who juggles a number of styles and genres. He plays the Black Iris Gallery's Tiny Bar series this Friday night.

Fall is just around the corner. And as Eagle Glenn Frey once so prophetically sang, anticipating the severe climate change issues which threaten humanity: "The heat is on. The heat is on. It's on the street." For a few more months, anyway.

What I really mean to say is our nightlife is heating up. Take this Friday, Aug. 28, which has not one, but two cool things going on at almost the same time.

Returning to Richmond is Fredericksburg native Daniel Bachman, a brilliant instrumental guitarist and a guy in his mid-20s who already gets mentioned in the same breath as legends John Fahey, Jack Rose and Robbie Basho. An intuitive and expressive player, Bachman will be performing with friend Jake Fussell at the cool new Tiny Bar series from Black Iris Gallery (321 W. Broad Street), which has been killing it lately.

We wrote about Dan a couple years ago and since then, he's kept a busy touring clip. Rolling Stone just called him one of ten artists you need to know this past June, and Pitchfork gave a nice review to his most recent album, "River."

I caught up with the always friendly Bachman by e-mail on Thursday night.

Bachman: So I had my new record come out in June? I think . . been a long, wacky summer - its called "river" . . . Since last time we talked, I moved to Durham and I've been here for a little over a year - and in the next six months I'll be moving back to Virginia haha. My life right now is oddly a lot like this tune:

This last year I did probably 150 dates all around all over euro and the US a couple times each. Right now, after these few days in Virginia, North and South Carolina, I'll head home and really start plugging away at new material for the next record - which will come out on Three Lobed Records in late spring or early summer 2016.

This gig is with Jake Fussell - a buddy of mind from Oxford Mississippi but originally from Columbus, Georgia. He lives in Durham now, too - he's a great, great guitar player and I love his new record on Paradise of Bachelors so much - top 5 records of 2014 for me and also Jake's first time to Richmond so I hope he has a good time!

Here's an NPR video of Dan -- who looks a little like a young Philip Seymour Hoffman, rest his opiate-loving soul -- just to whet your whistle. It was recorded inside Stratford Hall and the sound is wonderful.

Another really cool thing happening on Friday night is Movie Club Richmond's presentation of the campy, mindfuck film "The Astrologer" (1975). The film, recently rediscovered and restored by Austin, TX's American Genre Film Archive, is being shown as a benefit for Video Fan with a suggested donation of $5. Doors and DJs begin at 7:00 pm with the movie at 8:00 pm. Manzara plays immediately after the screening.

Check out the trailer for this crazy-ass, NSFW shit:

Craig Denney's THE ASTROLOGER (trailer) from Cinefamily on Vimeo.

Organizer Anders Bronson tells me: "THE ASTROLOGER is something of a first for Movie Club Richmond. We've exhibited classic films, cult favorites, genuine oddities and brand new independent titles. With THE ASTROLOGER, we have something else entirely: a movie made forty years ago but largely forgotten, at least until the American Genre Film Archive found it and realized not only was it totally crazy, but also crazily good. It's safe to say that no one in the audience will have seen it before, but all of us may very well remember it as a genuine cult classic. Plus, we get to hang out at Hardywood, listen to period-appropriate tunes from Sister Goldenhaze and Greg Darden, and catapult through the astral gates with Manzara. It should be quite the evening."

There may be a way to do both of these things, as at least one record-selling insider thinks that the Bachman show could possibly start a little late (the FB event page says 8 p.m.)

Also from the Facebook page for the Astrologer event:

Here's more about THE ASTROLOGER, as described by Brian Kelley of Austin's Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, who are big supporters of AGFA: "A carnival con man discovers that he has genuine psychic powers and uses them to become an astrology bigwig. But the plot isn’t necessarily the focus of THE ASTROLOGER. It’s the kind of film where the main character makes a movie that is basically THE ASTROLOGER within the movie and then we get to spend a few minutes watching The Astrologer watch THE ASTROLOGER inside the movie THE ASTROLOGER! It’s the kind of movie that has an entire dynamic dinner scene shot entirely in slow-motion. It’s the kind of movie where someone shouts, 'You’re not an astrologer... YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE!' And it’s all done without an ounce of irony. It’s all genuine, it’s all passion, it’s all GOOD."

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Micro Grants for Bike-Related Arts Events

Thousand-dollar grants available from city and CultureWorks.

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From the press release desk today:

The City of Richmond and CultureWorks are pleased to announce a special cycle of the Arts and Cultural District Micro Grant Program. Arts and Cultural District Micro Grants provide funding assistance to district non-profits, small businesses and galleries located to reach visitors in the area during the 2015 UCI World Road Cycling Championships and major music and food festivals occurring between September 1 and November 1, 2015. Grants up to $1,000 are available to support arts related events, installations or programs in the Arts and Cultural District. Partnerships between entities located inside and outside the District are encouraged.

Previous recipients of an Arts and Cultural District Micro Grant are eligible and encouraged to apply for this special cycle. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Awards will be based upon creativity in design and approach, coinciding with major events occurring in/near to the District during the grant period, and need.

The application and full list of requirements are available at www.richmondcultureworks.org/services or contact Caron Sterling at CultureWorks, caron@richmondcultureworks.org or (804) 340.5280, ext. 1.

The City of Richmond and CultureWorks continue to collaborate with businesses, galleries, non-profits and artists to foster a vibrant arts community that generates enjoyment and civic pride for residents, stimulates the local economy, and develops an appreciation for diverse cultures and art forms.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

RVA Represents

Watch local musicians play with musical heroes over the weekend.

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Grateful Dead founding member Bob Weir and Richmond's Samantha Reed from the Peach Fest in Pa. on Sunday.
  • Grateful Dead founding member Bob Weir and Richmond's Samantha Reed from the Peach Fest in Pa. on Sunday.

It's always nice when you meet a personal hero and he or she delivers. One of the places where this has the best chance of happening is onstage, when the hero is a musician and ego is left behind in favor of making music together.

Over the weekend three well-known local musicians found this out firsthand, sitting in with widely known musical heroes for moments that will make good stories for years to come: First off, Tony Foresta, lead singer for Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan, sang lead vocals with his punk heroes, the Descendents for a major highlight of Saturday's Gwar B-Q at Hadad's.

Foresta publicly posted a photo on Facebook with the text: "Here's a picture of me singing for my favorite band. I've never been more nervous in my life. I cried while singing, it was so much fun." Check out video below of Foresta singing "Thank You" from the band's 1996 album "Everything Sucks."

Then, outside of town, after the revered jamband Phish played a big show at Merriweather Post Pavilion, local drummer Dusty Ray Simmons (DJ Williams Projekt, Big Payback, Fear of Music) was performing during the after-party at a nearby bar called Nottingham's when he was joined by Phish bassist Mike Gordon for a funked-up take on the Little Feat classic (via Robert Palmer version) "Sailin' Shoes."

Simmons sent me the story via Facebook:

"He stood right up front for 30/40 minutes paying close attention to Todd Herrington and visibly enjoying himself. Next thing I know he's stepping on stage and Todd's handing him his bass and Mike says to Todd 'I was having such a good time watching that I didn't want to sit in.'

[Guitarist] Cris Jacobs and Mike speak briefly and the band tears into 'Sneaking Sally through the Alley' > 'Sailing Shoes' (Robert Palmer version). I'm thinking to myself, "ok, here goes nothin."

The vibe was instantly great and was super, super funky. There was a lot of eye contact and smiles shared between us and the occasional 'Whew!!' from Mike. I never really thought a lot about what it might be like to play with him but it felt very natural and easy to lock up. We all had a blast and it's definitely an experience I'll always remember."

Check out a rough video below, where it's a little hard to see Dusty in back, but you can definitely hear him working out the skins.

In more jam-related royalty news, hot local singer Samantha Reed (Sam Reed Syndicate) sang on Sunday with Keller Williams at the Peach Fest in Scranton, Pa. and was joined by none other than original Grateful Dead member Bob Weir. Reed posted about the experience on Facebook alongside a photo of herself with Weir (above):

"This guy really filled my heart today. I knew he was coming but the feeling just caught me off guard. I am totally inspired and overwhelmed by the power of word and sound. Music changes lives, music saves lives. Thank God for the true vessels and the angelic presence around them. Seriously lol. To carry and deliver for so long has got to feel like a burden sometimes. The gift and the curse. I am thankful for this service and its providers. I hope to have such longevity. I wanna make an impression.

Check them out doing a Deadhead favorite, "Eyes of the World."

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fall Line Replacement: "The Extragavanza" [sic] Announced

Wolf Eyes, DIIV, among bands at Broadberry and Strange Matter on Nov.6

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Recent Third Man Records-signee Wolf Eyes will be a featured act at "The Extravaganza" on Nov. 6.
  • Recent Third Man Records-signee Wolf Eyes will be a featured act at "The Extravaganza" on Nov. 6.

The organizers of Fall Line Fest, which was recently cancelled this year, don't want their hard work to go to waste. So they're holding a one-night event billed as The Extragavanza on Friday, Nov. 6 at Broadberry and Strange Matter.

Here's today's press release describing the groups with ticket info directly following:

Who is playing you ask? In the early evening, there will be eight bands at The Broadberry including Brooklyn/Captured Tracks genre defying DIIV, Toronto/Mexican Summer's NO JOY, the Alabama based, Sub Pop Records very own LEE BAINS III & THE GLORY FIRES, Brooklyn up-and-comers SUNFLOWER BEAN, locals THE TRILLIONS and MANZARA + 2 more acts TBA!

Later that night, Strange Matter will host a ticketed after-show gig with the kings of American noise and recent Third Man signees WOLF EYES, the one-man industrial metal act AUTHOR & PUNISHER and local powerhouses MUTWAWA and DAGGERING. We also have a couple other after-shows in the works, so stay tuned for even more updates!

The organizers of Strange Matter, Friday Cheers, Slimehole Productions and more have partnered up with some awesome businesses, without whom none of this would be possible: WDCE 90.1 FM, ARDENT CRAFT ALES, TITO’S HANDMADE VODKA, PLAN 9 RECORDS, and the VA COMICON.

Tickets will be available via The Broadberry's website starting today (8/14) at 2 p.m.

There are two ticket options available: a $20 Broadberry only option and a $30 Broadberry + Strange Matter option. An individual Strange Matter only option will be available at a later date to be determined. All other after-shows they add will be free of charge. Stay tuned for more info as it rolls in. Follow along on Facebook.

Here's a look and listen to some of the bands:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

'Cop Car' Opens This Weekend

Local actor Hays Wellford stars in acclaimed genre film.

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Local actor Hays Wellford, son of Armistead Wellford (of the band Love Tractor fame), has become an in-demand talent in Hollywood. His new film "Cop Car" opens this Friday at Criterion.
  • Local actor Hays Wellford, son of Armistead Wellford (of the band Love Tractor fame), has become an in-demand talent in Hollywood. His new film "Cop Car" opens this Friday at Criterion.

The indie sensation at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, “Cop Car,” starring local actor Hays Wellford and Kevin Bacon opens Friday, Aug. 14 at the Criterion Theater in Richmond. If the advance praise is any indication, there’s a chance it could be a late summer sleeper hit.

Wellford, a Robious Middle School student, was featured here in March (“Boy Wonder”). He plays one of two ten-year-old boys who find and take an abandoned police car for a long joy ride unaware that its owner is a depraved and corrupt sheriff played by Bacon.

Focus unveiled it in limited release last Friday and it goes wide this weekend. The log line of the film is “Their first ride could be their last.”

The film has been noticed by critics; Hays has a featured role in the upcoming sequel to “Independence Day” and “Cop Car” director Jon Watts has been tagged to helm the next “Spiderman” reboot.

“I just finished filming a role in ‘Independence Day Resurgence,’” Wellford tells us. “I was out in New Mexico for a couple of months - someone had seen ‘Cop Car’ and suggested me for the role. I got to work with Jeff Goldlum and Judd Hirsch. I feel so fortunate to have gotten this role in ‘Cop Car.’ Right now I am about to fly to Colorado to see it on opening night in the director, Jon Watts' hometown where we also filmed it.”

Asked what his friends think, Hays responds: “My real friends think it is cool and are happy for me, but others just want to know how much money I am making."

Monday, August 10, 2015

Gwar TEDxRVA Talk Going Viral

Michael Bishop examines "regional" context for bloody space aliens.

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Dr. Michael Bishop, who you may remember from such Gwar characters as Beefcake the Mighty and Blothar, speaks at this year's TEDxRVA last April.
  • Dr. Michael Bishop, who you may remember from such Gwar characters as Beefcake the Mighty and Blothar, speaks at this year's TEDxRVA last April.

You never know what will go viral these days. Numerous media outlets including Rolling Stone, Spin, Nerdist, Pitchfork and others have been posting a video of longtime Gwar member, Dr. Michael Bishop, speaking about the metal group's history in Richmond. The video was also trending at number one on Facebook (right above a story about Dave Matthews Band recalling when it dumped its own bus sewage onto people).

Bishop, whose fiery preacher upbringing in Hopewell we wrote about in this Kepone article, is a gifted musician and speaker, so he's fun to watch onstage. But a number of media outlets seem to think this talk happened recently -- nope, it was back in April and the video was just posted. Also, echoing headlines are heralding the speech as somehow both "intriguing" and "insane." Hmmmm, seems pretty straightforward to us; what may be shocking people is that a goofy metal band guy could also have a PhD from University of Virginia. There isn't much controversial or strange in the talk, unless you still find shock rock violence controversial.

It's a quick deconstruction of the band's "uncommon" image (which was the conference theme this year).Bishop tells the audience about the band's formative years in Jackson Ward, then talks about how he and the group played to its hometown's long and sordid history of violence within their own image and storyline -- showing how Gwar cleverly reflected and reminded the city of its bloody roots and it's continuing death merchants.

"Slavery is a central concept to Gwar," he says, noting the group's production company name of Slave Pit, and its fans referred to as slaves. "But we can't divorce that word from the concept of slavery, especially in Richmond, Va."

Bishop notes that "like it or not, Richmond, Gwar is one of your most recognized cultural products." After considering the Civil War and tobacco industry, he calls Gwar one of the "safest things" things to ever come from Richmond -- closing with a nice zinger.

Check it out for yourself. Then go start your own clever art project.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Indie Rock Parking Lot

Locals Positive No debut new video on NPR site.

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Locals Positive No were featured on the last Style Weekly music sampler -- their new video for "Pedal Through" features some familiar local faces.
  • Locals Positive No were featured on the last Style Weekly music sampler -- their new video for "Pedal Through" features some familiar local faces.

Local indie band Positive No released a new video today via NPR's website for its song "Pedal Through."

The band, which features former Dahlia Seed singer Tracy Keats Wilson, seems to be having fun parodying the classic cult documentary, "Heavy Metal Parking Lot," by Jeff Krulik and John Heyn, and its assorted follow-ups.

You may notice some familiar local faces in the video, such as Style Weekly music writer Hilary Langford, who is rocking a "grrls to the front" sign as well as WRIR DJ Shannon Cleary who is shopping for records.

On its Facebook page, the band thanked: "Diversity Thrift; Spang TV; Mad Box; The Snowy Owls; Hoax Hunters; Clair Morgan; The Commonwealth of Notions; Blue Bones Vintage; Canary oh Canary; River City Beer Betties; Plain Scrap; Lightfields; @Brief Lives."

NPR's writer Lars Gotrich remarks: "What sets Positive No's painfully true and hilarious parody apart from a needless exercise in nostalgic irony is how charmingly personal it is. In fact, many of the artifacts in the video come from the band's own collections, including bassist Sadie Powers' homemade Smashing Pumpkins board game from middle school (!) and a prop from the Sonic Youth "Dirty Boots" video. Its members were also deeply entrenched in the scene: In the early '90s, Tracy Wilson was the vocalist for Dahlia Seed, a heavy and angular emo band that split the difference between Drive Like Jehu and Sunny Day Real Estate during a time when both were still figuring out their own sounds."

The song is from the band's debut album "Glossa" and their next hometown show is Aug.15 at Gallery5 as part of Commonwealth of Notions. An album release show will be held at the same venue on Sept. 18.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Anonymous festival organizers are trolled heavily for copying Best Friends Day idea.

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Organizers of the former Best Friends Day event at Hadad's Lake (pictured here) are not happy that a new unassociated group is holding "Super Happy Mega Best Friends Day" later this month.
  • Organizers of the former Best Friends Day event at Hadad's Lake (pictured here) are not happy that a new unassociated group is holding "Super Happy Mega Best Friends Day" later this month.

It's never pretty when best friends fight. But when Best Friends Days go at it, forget about it.

Indigo RVA, which calls itself a "new event hosting platform for local artists, non-profits and small businesses," is finding out the hard way after trying to launch with a premiere event called "Super Happy Mega Best Friends Day." It's scheduled to be held Aug. 30 at Hadad's Lake.

The only problem? A popular trademarked event was held at Hadad's for 10 years called Best Friends Day. It retired in 2011, but those organizers are angry that their name is being used. So they took to Facebook to let people know they are uninvolved.

"No one approached us. Whoever it is, is insinuating it's Best Friends Day and for us that sucks," says Chop Suey Books owner Ward Tefft, who was an organizer for seven years with BFD. "We put a lot of hard work into that, made a decision to stop doing it for a particular reason. ... People will think it's us again."

After a disavowal yesterday by original BFD participant Tony Foresta, lead singer for Iron Reagan and Municipal Waste, trolling went into overdrive on the Facebook event page of "Super Happy Mega Best Friends Day."

Style contacted Indigo RVA. An organizer agreed to an interview by text message last night on the condition of anonymity, saying he or she had concerns about personal safety. The organizer responds:

We booked Those Manic Seas early on once we confirmed the venue with Ron Hadad. After the internet trolling today, Those Manic Seas have asked to not be associated with the event. Ron Hadad has concerns as well. My partner and I have been personally threatened and have gone into hiding which is why I am hesitant to give my name here. I would rather keep it out of the publication if possible.

The reaction by the community was swift and very harsh. I've never endured such an onslaught of hate before. People sabotaged our event, our brand and even threatened our personal safety. At one point, someone even pretended to be us and began commenting. It is very bizarre. The whole thing is just crazy.

We meant no harm, we just wanted to create a fun event that would get our new promotional company some positive exposure. My partner and I now fear we may have to cut our losses, break our contract with Hadad's, cancel the event and rebrand our fledgling business venture.

We wanted this event to get our name out there and do some good, too. Proceeds will go to support the local nonprofit organizations Kinsfolks Community and Carverponics.

I tried to laugh it off and made the mistake of trying to respond to the trolling. As of now, the future of the event is uncertain. What is certain is that there is a gang of grown-up bullies in this town and they are ready at any given moment to take to the internet and crush someone's dream in a matter of hours.

With the event less than a month away, we spent a lot of money on promotional materials. We made flyers and posters right away so we wouldn't waste any time promoting the event around town. We only had one band confirmed on the poster, but we were in talks with others to play the event so we just went for it anyway.

Now that they are nervous about being associated with the event, we may have to just eat our losses for the printing costs and promote the event digitally if we continue it at all.

This has all happened so fast so we have to regroup on our end and determine the best course of action. If it's not too late, we may have to switch the name of the event to "Mean ol' Bullies Day" or something.

I don't blame the [BFD folks] though really. Truth is, we knew there would be some sort of response to naming the event after a popular event held in the same venue for a decade or so. We wanted that name recognition and to build upon the hard work from organizers before us. We figured any drama that came out of it would just generate buzz for the event to be honest. We should have reached out to them first and asked them permission. Even gotten some tips from them. We are still very new at this and have a lot to learn.

We underestimated the backlash and overestimated our ability to control it. I hope the previous BFD organizers can forgive our mistake and support us if we change the name of the event.

Let this be a lesson to people out there I guess. Don't take shortcuts and try to pass something off as yours when others worked years to build it.

Style contacted Ron Hadad to see if the whole thing was a prank -- considering that people apparently are impersonating each other online as well as remaining anonymous.

"It's not a prank, but I think they're going to change the name," Hadad says. "They haven't put their deposit down yet."

Tefft says that if anyone was threatened online, that's another story -- but he didn't see anything of the sort.

"Everything I saw on there was funny. If he gets threatened, that’s a legal matter at that point," he says, adding "While we’re not supporting this guy, we also love Ron Hadad and we would never stop anyone from going there. Best thing I would say -- if they still do it, people should go to Hadad's, pay regular price, not the extra [ticket] price, check out some half-assed shit and get back to us and let us know how bad it was."

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