2012 Best of Richmond

You voted, we tallied. Here's your guide to the city that superlatives built.

Richmond’s history reverberates with great opinion leaders, debaters and crusaders. Have you seen the Second Virginia Convention re-enactment at St. John’s Church? Patrick Henry wasn’t playing around.

Yes, Richmonders stand ready to take a position on just about anything — from the big stuff to the little. And for this year’s reader poll, you didn’t leave us hanging. Will you agree with your fellow survey takers? No doubt you’ll find yourself cheering and hear-hearing a winner on one page, then wondering which idiots picked that one on the next.

But you stood up to be counted. And we’ve thrown in a few ideas of our own, just for good measure. And so we present Style Weekly’s Best of Richmond.

Debate can only lead to greatness. So have at it!

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by Brent Baldwin, Scott Bass, Craig Belcher, Vernal Coleman, Andrew Cothern, Don Harrison, Jack Lauterback, Lea Marshall, Robey Martin, Peter McElhinney, Karen Newton, G.W. Poindexter, Jason Roop, Melissa Scott Sinclair, Edwin Slipek, Deveron Timberlake, David Timberline


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