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Tanith Davidson, 20, Palin supporter.

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I've always leaned toward the Republicans, it kind of runs in the family. My grandmother, she used to run a Republican headquarters in California.
She used to have rallies and stuff in her living room with the kids and everybody in the house.

But my mom and my dad have been very open thinkers their whole lives: “I'm told one thing by one person and another thing by another person, but let me figure it out for myself.” That's how I approach it, too. Everyone in the world has a voice, but in the end, mine is the one that matters to me.

I've been to both candidates' … personal Web sites and I go back and forth. I look at the far right wing Web sites and the far left wing Web sites and I go back and fact check through Wikipedia. I'm finding a lot more reasons to dislike Barack Obama.

I don't know if you've read any of Karl Marx's stuff, he's the father of communism. Barack Obama's economic plan is almost word for word Karl Marx's plan: Just a lot of the “pay a lot of taxes, we'll spread the wealth” kind of thing.

If you earn your money and you work hard for it, I believe you should get to keep it. Bill Gates has busted his butt a lot more than I have, and in a way, he deserves what he has earned. I do work hard. I'm not saying I get paid enough. …

How do we need to grow? Oh, goodness gracious. We need to figure out what needs to be done in Iraq. We need to figure out a … I don't want to say a better plan, but a better plan for Iraq (laughs).

They're basically a third-world country that we've taken on as a little brother and we need to teach them right and wrong. Both countries have been raised on different religious beliefs and we need to separate that out. … Women over there have very few rights, very little say in what goes on. A woman's testimony in Iraq in court is about the same as the testimony of someone who heard it from somebody whose dog walker is this guy, you know?

I am feminist-thinking. I've got big strong powerful ovaries and they are angry. But [the election is] not so much a sex thing [with a McCain-Palin ticket]. It's more of — she's the one who keeps asking questions and getting told to shut up.

Political backgrounds mean a lot to me. Experience is a big deal. … Barack Obama has a little bit of experience, but it's not what we need right now.

He's been groomed for this; he's been told what to say, how to say it. How he should believe. He's got a bunch of people pulling strings. Of course all politicians have people pulling strings, but I think there are more strings attached to him than there are to John McCain and Sarah Palin. I really wish I knew who was pulling his strings.


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